Casino Gambling Facts

    •    Parimutuel wagering admits to the type of gambling where the total prize pool is based upon the amount of money gambled. The more money wagered, the bigger the prize.
    •    The word Casino originally meant a public hall for music and dancing. By the second half of the 19th century,
the term necessarily meant a collection of gaming or gambling rooms. The classic example of a casino, is the casino
at Monte-Carlo, which was opened in 1861.
    •    Pathological gambling is known as a medical disorder by the American Psychiatric Association and has elements
of addiction similar to alcohol and drug addiction.
    •    The El Rancho Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas was known for a few firsts. It was the first casino/resort on the Strip
opening in 1941 with 63 guestrooms. It was also the first to offer a buffet. The cost of the buffet was only $1.00!
The El Rancho burned down in 1960 and fortunately no one was hurt.